In this policy “you” or “your” refers to a Customer, and “us”, “our” or “we” refer to JD Brands. Where there are exceptions to JD Brands Warranty Policy (including because supplier specific warranty, refund and returns policies are different to this policy), this is noted in this Warranty Policy.

Warranty for products sold through JD Brands

  1. All products sold through the JD Brands online store come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law, and our Warranty Policy does not limit any rights and remedies a customer may have under the Australian Consumer Law.
  2. In addition to a customer’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law, JD Brands offers a 12-month warranty on products sold through the JD Brands online store which are found to be faulty or damaged, except (and subject to the Australian Consumer Law):
  1. unless expressly stated otherwise on the product listing – please refer to the product listing for the express warranty period;
  2. in relation to accessories or bonus gifts (as noted as such in a product listing); or
  3. if the fault or damage is due to:
    1. normal wear and tear;
      ii. damage arising from improper assembly or modification of the product;
    2. damage arising from abnormal use or abuse of the product;
  • damage, wear and tear as a result of improper or lack of maintenance and/or care of the product (e.g. of fabric, leather or timber);
  1. or damage to external product packaging only.
  1. We will assess each warranty claim on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature of the damage or fault, we may arrange to:
    1. send missing parts (if applicable);
    2. suggest a method of self-repair (if applicable).
    3. replace the product (subject to availability);
    4. offer an alternative product; or
    5. offer a partial or full credit voucher or refund.

Making a warranty claim for damaged goods or missing parts

  1. Warranty claims should be sent to us via JD Brands online store website- via email to contact@jdbrands.com.au
  2. The following should be included in the message:
      1. order number;
      2. the quantity of each product and/or part missing, faulty or damaged; and
      3. an image or video (of acceptable quality) of the product that clearly shows:
        1. the fault or damage (if applicable)
        2. what part is missing (if applicable);
        3. the product in the original packaging (if applicable); and/or
        4. the product’s instruction manual with the fault or damage and/or missing part indicated, for example by circling the area damaged or from which a part is missing (if applicable).
        5. In addition, please provide a brief explanation of the fault or damage, and what the customer is requesting, i.e. refund, credit or replacement of parts/product.


  1. All images and videos should be of acceptable quality that allows us to assess the claim – thumbnail images are not considered to be acceptable quality as we cannot make a clear assessment of alleged faults or damage.
  2. A customer should not dispose of items before a warranty claim has been made and finalised, as we may ask for items to be inspected. We reserve our rights, subject to the Australian Consumer Law, to not provide a credit, replacement or refund in cases where goods are disposed of by the customer before a warranty claim has been finalised.
  3. Please do not return the product to us unless instructed to do so. If we need the product returned, we will provide a return label for this purpose. Any postage cost incurred by the customer for return postage will not be refunded if it is found that there is no valid warranty claim and/or and the return label has not been provided.
  4. For missing parts, once we have received the necessary details, and validated the claim, we will issue the part to be dispatched to the customer as soon as practicable after we have confirmed the spare part is available for dispatch. Dispatch of spare parts from our warehouse can take up to two working days. If no spare part is available in a reasonable period, we will provide an alternative solution in-line with our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law
  5. Any delivery delay should be reported by you to us within 30 working days from the date of dispatch. Any delivery delay will be investigated by our courier partner, which can take up to two working days . If we receive no update within two working days of notifying the partner, we will offer an appropriate remedy in accordance with the Australian Consumer Laws. For delivery time frames, please visit our shipping and delivery page.  Due to ongoing COVID restrictions in place in different states and unforeseen occurrence of natural disasters from time to time, delivery time frames can be affected. Your patience in such cases would be highly appreciated.

Refund, return and replacement procedure for damaged/faulty goods or missing parts

  1. If a customer is entitled to a refund, please send the request via JD Brands online store, and we will advise if the product needs to be returned to us. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method. We cannot issue refunds to a different account or credit card to that used to place the relevant order.
  2. If a customer is entitled to a replacement or spare part, please send the request via JD Brands website and we will advise if the product needs to be returned by the customer. If a customer is entitled to a replacement product or spare part, but:
      • there is an address discrepancy with the order (which is due to your or the customer’s error) such that the product/part is returned to us, a cost of Return To Sender (if applicable) and re-delivery cost will be imposed by us on you for any products returned to us as the sender; and/or
      • an incorrect product is returned to either JD Brands, neither JD Brands nor the Supplier will be responsible for these products or have any obligation to return these to the customer

 Change of mind refund requests

  1. We do not accept change of mind refund requests for:
    1. health and safety products;
    2. bulk purchases (including by pallet or pick up); or
    3. products that are opened (i.e. are not unopened in their original packaging).
  2. Otherwise, we only consider a change of mind refund request if this is made within 14 days after the item is delivered to the customer. As a retailer, you must notify us of a change of mind refund request within these 14 days. If this does not occur, the change of mind refund request could be rejected.
  3. Some Suppliers’ products are subject to a different change of mind policy to that contained in this Warranty Policy. Currently supplier product SKU’s starting with V28, V40, V63 and V77 have a different policy. However, others may have different policies from time to time and you must, therefore, refer to a Supplier’s listing to confirm the applicable change of mind refund policy.
  4. All items returned to JD Brands or a Supplier because of incorrect or incomplete delivery information will be treated as a change of mind return, including items returned to sender due to being unclaimed.

 Change of mind request procedure

  1. You must consult with us about any change of mind refund request. Please do not return the product to us without our prior consultation. If no consultation has occurred, a refund will not be provided.
  2. Please send a message via JD Brands online store with the pictures or video (or an acceptable quality) that shows the condition of the received product and an explanation about why the customers would like to return the product, and if the item is eligible for a refund.
  3. We prefer that returns due to a change of mind are done at the customer's arrangement.
  4. If a change of mind request is accepted, and:
      1. you have been provided with the return label, we will refund the item price and the shipping fee minus return postage and a restocking fee of 10% of the item price and the shipping fee; or
      2. you have not been provided with the return label, we will refund the item price and the shipping fee minus a restocking fee of 10% of the item price and the shipping fee; and/or
      3. the customer changes their mind before the item is received and requires the action of Return to Sender (RTS), we will refund the item price and the shipping fee minus a restocking fee of 10% of the item price and the shipping fee. Refund for RTS will be provided after the item is received at our/supplier warehouse facility

Product recalls

    1. In the event of a product recall, we will advise you of the relevant procedure.

Last updated: 25 March 2022