JD Brands are here to provide a connection to thousands of great online deals to your door, with the service and variety you deserve.

Julie has had over 10 years in Retail E-commerce and longer in Retail Business management. Our passion for getting the products you need with the least effort has been Julies drive behind this site. After all life is hard enough, shopping should be pain free!

Dale has over 30 years Retail Sales and Management experience, running his own successful retail business for 14 years. Building partnerships and bringing the next big deal to our customers is what Dale is all about.

JD Brands is not just the products, the service and the deals ... it’s focus is our best asset, our customers, our team and our community. 

JD Brands are only as good as your experience with us so please reach out with your feedback via our contact us portal. 

Lastly thank you for being here, trying us, staying with us and watching our space evolve ... "watch this space"

Julie & Dale